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Friday, January 05, 2007


Actually, the real slogan on one of his scrumptious tee shirts is WHO THE FUCK IS EMMY? But alas l find that as l grow older l become boringly conformist in certain ways. I just didn’t have the balls (yep girls have them too, only higher up and nearer the brain, hence more rational) to make it the title or wear it. The one l wear says FASHION RULES ARE FOR FOOLS. But hey what am l banging on about? Over the holiday season, l was introduced to Emmy Collins, a London based Nigerian designer who presses the right buttons with me. His male line is painfully stylish and cheekily funky. The tailoring is sharp and pristine; sort of Oswald Boateng meets Dolce and Gabbana. The colours, detailing, fabrics and textures are really divine. His shirts are so beautiful you will steal them off you boyfriends back, just pull a pair of leggings on and add a huge eighties leather and hardware belt and finish with a pair of loubotinis.

His female line is wicked, not for the fainthearted or body hating. The printed 100% silk kimonos, mini kaftans, micro mini dresses are to die for. If you haven’t got the legs or the balls just add super skinny pants. I especially love the high waisted nautical theme pants, it grabs and flaunts the butt and drops to the ground in leg elongating glory. I love his use of colour and his instantly sexify your life vibe. Great news is that he has opened a shop on 43 Awolowo road. He doesn’t even know l am doing this but l am committed to talking about anyone doing good in Nigeria in any area of life. Emmy rocks!


the flying monkeys said...

Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Funmi, women dont have BALLS! Its not possible, either higher up or anywhere else, Capisce!

Nilla said...

Just heard of him for the first time on naijagal's blog...and I have one word - HOT

Anonymous said...

43 Awolowo Road?
Guess i would have to check it out.
I need a mystery round me, like a superman suit , or something.
Got a blog too.
I think i do good on it.
Correct me if i'm wrong.

Bizzle said...

Funmi, Women cant and dont have BALLS! Its just not possible, whether higher up or lower down! Its a man thing!Capisce!

Anonymous said...

43 Awolowo Road?
i sure will pay him a visit
i need some mystery round me too
maybe i can get my own superman suit too ( Laughs )
i have a blog too
pls let me know if i am doing any good

Dammie said...

I loveee this guyss designs...been drooling over since 2005.....It's really kewl to see enough ppl recognizing and appreciating his kind of style!!...I hope we all rock him hard!!!


Anonymous said...

Emmy's clothes are too metrosexual and feminate for men and as a man, they are definitely not my cup of tea...I'll pass!

Dimples said...

Who's EMMY???...EMMY is HOT!!!...Kinda cute…in a funny way

Nice to see yet another introduction to the Naija Fashion world..a bit on the bright and said…very a la New York style…don’t see may guys walking into Saga VIII in those bright coloured blazers.

I like though,have a FAB week all

Tp said...

Hi Aunty Funmi,

I love your blog. It's wonderful, informative and of standard. I watch your program(New Dawn) almost all the time. I enjoy the issues and relevant matters discussed on your program. I am a blogger MONETIZER. With emphasis on Financial Freedom & Independence.

Uche said...

Hmmm...Lemme c...This Emmy guy, his men's line looks too 'Sweet' for me. I love the whole metrosexual thing, but these ones here look like they got a lil bit of sugar in them....hmmmm....

Is that the Emmy guy or just a model?!!! I see why you said a female can wear dem shirts w a pair of leggins or skinnys....but errr....ya, u gotta let 'em know that them skinny's and leggins aint for EVERY body type, cos Lawd!!! Let's not cause accidents on our already congested road.... in my case, this summer may be Hotter than normal!!

Keep up the good work chica!!

BossHoglivinlaVidaBawlledOut said...

BALLZ bawls bolllluuuuuzzz, KILODE? E fe pe mi pa ni? lol this is obviously an erratic taunt. whoefa senddem I no dey inside body, as per say I dey FLOAT! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (im sorry i love my personal twatdom)

meanwhile funmi rock on guuuurll go head ROKON! Only chicks like us can be BAWLLERIFIC or is that BALL-IFIED?

eyin anonymizers can quit sippin that on that haiti juice. |hate tea| gettit? dint thaink so.

Anonymous said...

I just saw your programme -10 January and man the top is FANTASTIC !! EMMY IS REALLY HOT ! and with the leggings woah you got style ! your hair is lovely ( u mentioned that one shoul have a nice hir cut - you do , stick to it ) I THINK THE CURLY LONG HAIR MAKES U LOOK AT BIT LIKE ON THE OLDER SIDE OF 30 NOT WRONG SIDE AS U CLAIM PLSSSSSSSSS SO KEEP IT STAIGHT AND SIMPLE

cleo.kelvin said...

i think he is kinda okay but de dress is dry meaning it get k-leg well it looked cool on u by giviungu a mysterious appearance dat my finger cant place starting with de pants toda. but tink it wud fit sexy non macho or pac guy but its really cool and nice