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Monday, November 12, 2007

The lover takes it all (expert opinion from ms I who saw all of 5 episodes in 92 weeks)

Last night during the Big Brother Africa 2 finale show, I, the shrimp, the giant and I suspect a large percentage of Nigerians had the odds firmly on Ofunneka and were as shocked as she obviously was when Richards’s name was announced. She never did recover her poise till she fell into her fathers (?) arms post eviction.

I had wanted Ofunneka to win because she was a strong, hard working girl, she obviously was not cooking and cleaning and counselling and dancing and crying and laughing as part of a game but as part of the entity that was herself. My brain recognized that fact and wished her well especially after the statutory rape (please refer to Linda Ekeji’s comprehensive post on this) fiasco. However there was a devilish little part of me that wanted Richard to win, as that would present many more twists to the tale. If Richard were to win, will he share with Tatiana, will he stay with Tatiana? Certainly not Tatiana as I have little doubt the air headed little so and so would have proceeded to share the loot with that retarded Richard. She did save him once from eviction offering herself instead in a modern day ode to some unnamed Greek tragedy. Now I do not dislike Tatiana on the contrary I thought she was an engaging, happy soul and a sexy woman. I was also persuaded to believe that she trully is in love with Richard. The twist came faster than I expected when she came out of the house and announced that although she did love Richard she had agreed with him that they would both go back to their respective partners if the said partners will have them back. At that point she lost me.

Fast forward to a gloating Richard after he won the $100,000 prize declares also that yes there is a pact that he and Tatiana should return to their respective partners if the partner would have them back. So what other stupid pact do the big brother Romeo and Juliet have in stock? The plot thickens even as I suspect that Mrs Richard might stage a comeback, $100,000 may just buy the lothario some stand by your man reprieve. So where is the love in all of these unless of course those two are messing with us? Is the joke on us? Will the wife come back? Will the fianc√© forgive? Will the love endure, and who will get the biggest endorsement? Now you understand why Richard won don’t you?

Who is Eric Wainaina from Kenya? Any relation of Binyavanga? Good question considering the socio politic slant to his song FANCY CAR performed during the finals. It was also the question on all our lips as we swayed and “drove” along to his smooth performance of the song. It echoed sentiments that every African can relate with and had a nice catchy Afro pop/reggae/soul appeal. I really liked it. His band also appeared professional and the performance was streetwise but smart.
One bet I did win was that the closing performance can only be by either D’banj or PSquare. There are no better entertainers in that genre in Africa right now, always delivering electrifying performances whatever the limitations. Last night Psquare did not disappoint.

Btw, Ofunneka need not worry, what she needs now is a good talent agent to leverage all the name recognition and exposure. Fortunately she is smart, articulate, high energy and in possession of a pretty good body. She is also likeable and focused so good luck to her. $100,000 is nothing compared to what she can make as last night’s show proved that baring SA, most of Africa’s advert spend is from Nigeria.


logosian said...

The TV event of the year and I missed it. Oops, must have been tidying my sock drawer or classifying my CDs alphabetically or something. If Ofunneka is as great as they say, we will be seeing a lot more of her. Hopefully not butt naked though.

Miss Maple said...

I am very upset that Richard won BBAII
I’m more disappointed in that ‘Tati’ for saying R and herself had mutually agreed they wld go back to their partners if they wld have them back. I particularly found that statement daft
Still, I strongly feel Richard got way tooo much credit than he deserved. I mean, all the s*cker did was molest innocent single women in the house and declared that he goes 30 days without a bath. That hardly calls for a standing ovation.
Truth be told, the BB franchise thrives on scandal and Richard gave them what they wanted, hence the rating was up and the organizers made lots of moni during its run via sms. A simple case of scratch my back and I scratch yours.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Big Brother has not been able to entice me...not with the Nigerian, African and American versions
Here we also have one disgusting show called The Real World...waste of cable space...

Anonymous said...


Nigeria has joined the crazimania of big brother, all na scam!!!

KAINSOLA said...

the only time i watched BB11 was yesterday online and i was quickly to realise it was richard and Titiana show!...
not sure who i wanted to win though...it just shows that its a mans world in africa!...he was only 4mths married and he behaved like someone who had been 'caged' for life and was on parole!..i bet u that if it was his wife in d house...pple wouldv voted her out the first time she kisses another...
seeing his wife yesterday confused me...she was jubilating and evn hugged T...but if she is a woman like me...ill do the same....before i take him to d cleaners!!!!
Richard i suppose is a man and cant be faulted...but he is a disgrace to all husbands...becos if his behaviour in d house wasnt disrespectful to his wife and all wives.....then am sooo okay being SINGLE!!

Ama said...

Oh please, Ofu was BORING... and she has absolutely no star quality. We were not glued to BBA 2 to watch cleaning and cooking. And Ofu is not exactly attractive is she?
By the way. what happened to taking responsibility for one's actions??? Both Ofu and Richard were drunk when that groping incident happened. I didn't see her objecting to it!
I think Richard and Tatiana make a cute couple, and I think they are genuinely in love with each other. I hope they make it.

pam said...

1. Old Namibian article on Richard (BBA2) the rapist. There are many many blogs on this incedent.

2. Offensive article in Punch from a female journalist supporting rapists...
''Some ladies present were raped, while some luckily escaped. Surprised? You shouldn't be. But need we blame the rapists? What with the dressing of some of the girls, who were scantly dressed?''

Funmi Iyanda said...

@miss maple, l feel you and your last paragraph is the real crux of the matter. it is all really about TV money which is driven by ratings which thrives on controversy which then requires guinea pigs who are willing to be pawns. Its the way of the world.

@catwalq, don't know how you guys cope in America, the TV can be mind numbing, l watch all forms of TV shows as it is my job to be informed and l can see when the gray lines are crossed. The regulators, instead of shadow chasing should look closely into the practices on these shows to prevent abuse either of the participants or of the process.

@Kainsola, damn right girl, Africa will tolerate an unintelligent, lying, cheating, dirty and drunken sexual predator only if such an entity was male. period!

@pam, point no 2? you must understand where some of these female journalists are coming from, a deep dank private hell where they are unhappy, insecure, ignorant and oft abused by husbands, boyfriends and fathers with traits similar to that of Richard. Why our media space has a preponderance of such is beyond me. Sadly their strident and sensationalistic outpouring distract from real facts which in this case is about ensuring best practices on a TV franchise.

Pumping! said...

Ofunneka was herself....

It is not all about fine face- when would peeps get that fine face no substance is altogether useless. She might not be attractive, but she has something in her head.
Realised it is not about winning the money, but life after it-see Ebuka and Katung.Cherise and Guytano.
Ofunneka i believe would use this her name recognition and exposure properly, afterall she went to the University of Ibadan (lol)

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

oh, I watch Current TV and IFC instead...even CNN will make a primary one student out of a rocket scientist and that is even an insult to Primary one students

Miss Maple said...

Had to post again after reading ama’s post
According to your post, You're telling me Richard is yr 1st choice cos he was entertaining besides bin a complete lazy a-hole-sexual predator; you’re saying you'd say--gee, I want to let him win cos gosh darn it, he was entertaining? He might as well have slit her throat abi? That way “ofu’ wld nevr have bin able to object to it cos they were both drunk!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@miss maple, hold your knickers:-), l am saying that regardless of what l feel, those reasons are why Richard may have won.