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Monday, April 16, 2007

Totally Wired

I love WIRED, it is one of my windows into the future of the world and one of the ways l reverse the aging process. This month's cover totally rocks (just flip it over) and the brillant article on Albert Einstein by Walter Isaacson, former TIME Managing editor and current ASPEN institute President and CEO should be given to all the guardians of our failing educational system. I met Walter last summer at ASPEN during the FOCAS meeting, a truly enriching experience.

Book of the week
DEMANDING THE IMPOSSIBLE, a history of anarchism by Peter Marshall

Favourite career changing quote
My friend Ade Bakare tells the story of how the inimitable Isabella Blow looked at his pre breakthrough sketches and said "very nice but it has no anarchy".

Best compliment l ever received (at least l took it as one)
You are frightfully deep


Cheetarah said...

Hmm, when Isabelle blow tells you something like that u have to think twice about your designs,lol! But the dnt know everything Andre Leon Tally constantly puts mariah in shit clothing and look what he did to poor Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars,be it a rumour some1 at vogue choose that awful De La Renta and my dibbs is on Andre!As for Anna Wintour, dont get me started on her, scary as hell with her mary quant bob but still a force to reckon with, I WANT HER POWER,LOL!, Oh dear ive gettin carried away,Ok i've gone on a totally different tangent than the wired article. Just breezing by ur blog for my weekly breeze, nice1 girl!

My Talking Beginnings said...

will take a look at it...ade bakare now has a blog at www.adebakare.blogspot.com

funmi said...

@cheetarah, tell me about it. How did they become so successful? isint it by damning all the rules. Critics have their place but the fearlessly talented, confidently hardworking rule the worl..l think.

@ mytalkingbeginnings, hiya kid (dont you just hate that?), the lovely ade didnt say, will check it out ASAP. Looking forward to his design talent hunt show.