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Friday, April 27, 2007

Baba ke!

Oh you selfish folk of blogosville, you wan chop alone chop quench? Why didn't anyone see it fit to mention in passing that Baba Alaye was back? Not even Jeremy (Naijablog) the most trusted blogger in Nigeria. I don't get it, just one week of not checking and one month of holding back from joining the horde begging the hilarious, irreverent son of a … (na true say he is HIS son? Wont be surprised, that arrogance, earthily wicked sense of humour, that conspicuous reference to his looks or possible lack of it) to come back and he does when l was distracted. Bella was first, the bitch ☺! Been trying to be first on Bella and Babaalaye's blogs for a while. One day… Meanwhile whilst I'm in this confessional mode, l do solemnly declare that l too have a crush on Baba Alaye, it's all that undisguisable thrusting alpha maleness mixed with humour. I wont even hold it against him if he does turn out to be Baba Kekere, you don't choose your parent. Only down side is his devotion to TMINX, a sex god in love is just a Greek tragedy waiting to happen (just watch what will become of Brad Pitt). Age difference? I have Demi Mooric appeal, l'll never age.

BTW there is an interesting post on Jeremy's blog about OBJ and his
stepson Tunde Bayewu.


~Mimi~ said...

Lol! Demi Mooric appeal!! Well its true though we hav to give that to you! You dont age! lol. Love your blog. Can't watch your show because I live in London, however I hear your show is fabulous!

catwalq said...

Thank you so much Aunty Funmi. because you mentioned him, I went to check out his blog and I must agree that I bow at baba alaye's blogothrone. I was cracking up so much I spent the time i was supposed to be spending on my homework, reading his blog.
Thanks once again, I have learned from you and expanded my horizon

Cheetarah said...

Awwh it nice to see a softer side to Baba,ran to check out Babaalaye blog after I read your post and I must say its such a good read,Im lovin it. but Funmi he sha loves Tminx die, Demi Moore appeal or not this is one battle that cant be won,lol!

BabaAlaye said...

Wow!!! Mami, I'm gobsmacked
Don't know what to say...

I'll come back and say something constructive when i catch my breath.

And oh, Demi Moore can't hold a candle to you.

omo-obanta said...

FIRST! sorry o. we all knew and thought you knew ...it wasnt on purpose o lol

Calabar Gal said...

Good Luck with trying to be first on Bella Naija & Baba Alaye's blog. Thats a tough one. Better set up an alert so you'll know when they update.

Dare I say I am first on ur so far?!?!?!!?!?!! LOL!!!

chidi said...

lol at having demi moore's appeal... he is then Ashton Kutcher right?


Demi Moore aint got nothing on you (no lesbian intentions o)!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this had me cracking up seriously. Sebi if they sack me here, I can always come to work for you? Demi Mooric appeal is great but who would want to land an Ashton?

?the blogger formerly known as Tinks

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ mimi, you'll soon be able to see us regularly on BEN TV. thanks, dont you think baba alaye is sexy?
@catwalq, he's something isint he? BTW, homework? are you legal yet luv?
@cheetarah, the man is in love but not blind ke!
@babaalaye, hello gorgeous!
@ omo-obatan, shio!
@ calabar gal, you know l,m having fun dont you babe?

catwalq said...

I am above legal oh aunty.
I just got into college late. Enjoying it though because so far my parents have not started harping about marriage etc. When i graduate, I am in trouble.
i'll just dangle my foreign degree and say that I "refuse to conform to archaic socio-cultural norms" or whatever English I cn conjure to get them off my back till I get my architecture license and start up my firm.
About Mr. Babaalaye, I am hooked. Stalking his blog so I can be the first to comment. Blogging is such an addiction

Adaure said...

LOL!! Some of us are recovering 'wanna-be-firsts'. Here's a tip...keep clicking refrsh around 7am Nigerian time (1am eastern)....i think? At least I got lucky then.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@catwalq, you are painfully young but blindingly bright. Been checking out your writings et al, you got verve and energy, ambition and cheek. Dont lose any of that ever especially not to a man. Dont worry you've got time to do it all, the career, marriage, children or any combination of the above that works for you and your parents will be happy if you are.

@ 36, loving seeing life and relationship through your eyes on your blog. And dont worry l am constantly telling other women how beautiful l genuinely think they are and getting weird looks.

@chidi and anonymous, be nice :-) Ashton is not half bad, bit wet behind the ears and puppyish yes but babaalaye sounds like a real full fledged rotweiller/german shepard cross breed. aowwww!

bukky81 said...

funmi i must agree with you, there's something soo sexy about baba alye. i discovered him recently and it's difficult to choose between him, naijafineboy and the now gone boorishmale. sexpots all!


Damnnnnn!...I should have made my intentions known earlier; I'm sure there r so many of us that have a crush on you! Babaalaye get competition oooo', yei kpa!

Anonymous said...

Ha!Ha! OBJ is a joker. How can he say he has kids in single digits in that interview, I guess another tongue-in-cheek comment.

Anyway, Babaalaye is not the only OBJ kid that blogs. Dare Obasanjo also blogs but his blog is not half as interesting as babaalaye's as he tends to blog about technology.

However, he has blogged about Nigeria lately after going for OBJ's 70th birthday. Blog is www.25hoursaday.com/weblog & u can see Babaalaye in one of his pics from Nigeria.

Mrs Babaalaye said...

Aww! The OBJ pics are so nice. I am definitely seeing him in a different light, perhaps there is a soft side to him seeing him with his numerous children.

I agree, the man has too many children and I lost count just looking through the pictures in Dare's link. However, I still cant figure out which one is my honey(Babaalaye)?

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ naija politricks, me l'olorun wi o. (l beg blogger, translate):-)

@ anonymous, how come you know so much about the OBJ clan, you be one? Anyways don mind the ole man jo one digit ko one digit ni.

Naijadude said...

Omg! that was a needed laugh for me right there.... I just found out last night he's back even though I intentionally stayed away from blogger... Getting to me too much!
Ehn! Your Demi Mooric appeal? I am so loving thatttttttttttttt.....
You are better than her though, you are gorgeous!!

cleo.kelvin said...

hi aunty funmi am its been so long. i can see i have lots of catching up to do.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@mrs babaalaye, ha! iyale mi, pleased to meet you. so how are we going to share responsibilities and priveledges mai sista :-)