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Friday, February 16, 2007


One of my friends called me in a panic last week and said, 'did you
hear? She is dead, Anna Nicole is dead". My hard drive whirled in
confusion for a full minute, then she said, "you know, the glamour
model, ex wife of the geriatric millionaire, law suit with his kids,
weight battling, alcohol addled brained, reality show star, son
tragically dying right after birth of multi paternity battles child
Anna Nicole Smith". Oh, l said, that Anna! The last time a thing like
that happened was with Diana Princess of Wales when a friend shrieked
down the phone in Abacha darkened Nigeria, She's dead, lady Di is
dead. I thought it was our own lovely lady Di Oputa and was about to
call Charly boy when she said l know the royal family killed her, then
my slow brain got it.

I will never cease to be amazed at the insatiable quest for and
interest in the affairs of others that fuels celebrity culture or the
inability of people to see that it is all about commerce and recognize
that the over exposed celebrity is often herself or himself a victim,
a pawn in a brutal game they are usually to begin with not privy to
the rules and future consequences.

Of course celebrity is a bastardization of fame. In the true sense,
fame and acclaim should come from the body of work or achievements of
an individual but since it became isolated as an entity to be traded
with impunity, the casualties have increased.

I always curtly state that fame is a by product of my job, one l do
not crave or particularly enjoy, fortunately it just has never
penetrated my subconscious so l am still often startled when people
stare at me and truly embarrassed when they gush, genuflect and hug
me. I am deeply respectful of the love and support and hurt by the
misunderstanding and sometime hatred but l did not choose it and in
Nigeria where it is so cringingly and cheaply purchasable, l avoid it
as much as l can without hurting my career. Although, come to think of
it you sanctimonious so and so Funmi, in Nigeria, if you are not a big
man, a rich man, a famous man or any combination of the three, isn't
your arse grass?

Ms Nicole's death, far as it is from my own realities and environment
is non the less a tragedy, no amount of money in the world can be
worth the media circus of the life she lived and that poor child of
hers, what is to become of her?


mack said...

I'm scared. Being first on the "Nigerian Oprah"'s blog... gosh I need to cool down.

Anna Nicole incident is tragic. Sometimes I can't help but think: how do they do it? Having cameras in their faces that long without passing out?

Aunti Funmi, dey run o... No mind them; yeye parparatzis.

Icy said...

It's sad she was just 39. The madness is in how the media sensationalizes her death I mean you need to see the coverage here in Florida it's getting utterly ridiculous. They won't even let her die in peace. He lost a son, now she's gone and watch the media try to take over her daughters life. Fame??? hmm.. It's questionable. The price to pay... is it ever really worth it?

Mrs Somebody said...

Funmi you write so beautifully well.

Anonymous said...

aunty funmi, u write so beautifully.. u're one of my models in naija.. keep up the good work, and please say hi to moreks.

Anonymous said...

aunty funmi, i admire u a great deal.. u'r one of my models in naija and do hope to meet u soon. keep up the good work and say hi to Morenike.

Anonymous said...

Aunty funmi! Ibo le wa? They don go court and bury ana sef! Pls come back!!!

Through these eyes said...

I'm as shocked and as astounded as you are. I was saddened by her untimely death. We in the States still await the results of the autopsy(toxicology tests) performed. They have the results but said they need two weeks to conduct an investigation. Seems like something might be a bit amiss or probably didnt' make sense in their findings. I'll keep you posted.

obinwanne said...

antie mi? you're one in a million, i cant forget watching new dawn on 10 everyday all my life in 9ja.... please keep it up, and i hope you meet you one day

babyface said...

Im really just looking around, trying to get a feel of what you are all about.if nothing else, you are not flaky. Fame and Anne Nicloe and you managed to tie it down to Nigeria, i like that. i will ne visiting your blog more.

nure said...

hi, i read ur blog on the driving,stuff in ikeja, and i was just laughing,it was just too good, i remember naija , and i know you must have seen from your travels around what driving is like in other parts of the world.Naija is a mess,when they don't even obey traffic lights again , when you risk loosing your hard earned license in the UK.
You write very well , i was happy reading those blogs and i wont miss them again , you too much o jare

nure said...

you too much , the blog on driving was very good, they dont even obey traffic lights again when you risk loosing your hard earned license in the UK.
I enjoyed reading your bloga ,and wont miss them again .

nure said...

You too much , the blog on driving was very good, they dont even obey traffic lights again when you risk loosing your hard earned license in the UK.
I enjoyed reading your blogs ,and won't miss them again .
Nurudeen ,UK