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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Email to the best and brightest amongst us

Darling sister (brother) and friend,

How are you?

After 4 weeks of traveling round 5 states in Nigeria and penetrating all sort of communities to talk with people and finding myself swinging from abject despair to desperate hopefulness, I foolishly get on the plane and 17 flying hours later I am in serene Aspen feeling a little rootless and strangely fearful.

Then I put on the TV and a panel is seriously and intelligently discussing your book under an AWF reads series and slowly the tears drop. Of pain and frustration at my country, of my sense of entrapment in her continuous drama, the unspoken fear that I may be a bit stunted as a result mixed with the eternal hope which daughters and sons of that land such as your brilliant self represent.

Thanks my beautiful friend for always providing me inspiration and fuel to go on.
Big hug


Empower ng said...

hey funmi, I still look forward to a book written by you! you have a way of carrying people at the tip of your pen!
So moving

pam said...

just keep doing what you do. its difficult at times not to even feel guilty. it is a frustrating place we are in but focused leadership can do so much