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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life of my love

10.30 pm, Friday eve of Valentine and I am in my office battling a recalcitrant cold whilst surrounded by my 80% female (one 9 months pregnant) crew. The guys are great too. It has been a tough week and next week promises to be even tougher as we work towards the formalization of our 7-year-old CHANGE A LIFE PROJECT.

The hard work is easy, we are used to working hard, the difficult part I have found is explaining to people that all this hard work is passion and belief driven. I so hate that term, "oh you are still at work, the dough must be rolling in o". I have never worked or lived for money.

Explaining the concept of working for passion or just living through your heart, your passions and your beliefs is hard in a transactional society so when one of my Tutu fellows, the razor sharp, super smart, super efficient, super cool Elsie from Tanzania (l can feel those beautiful eyes of hers throwing daggers my way;-) sent this TED TALKS video, l could only smile. Isabella Allende is one of my favourite authors and here she is on her wittiest form as she talks about passion and more.


wellsbaba said...

FIRST!yeah 4d first tym

wellsbaba said...

ehnehn let me now comment..ah aunty funmi,dnt get pissed again.its lyk d norm,when som1 works long n hard he/she gets2hear somthin lyk 'd money mst b rollin in' alot but i get ur drift though.u last n will last long bcos u luv wat u do.btw i alwais wantd2ask,y is ur team predominantly female?lol jst curious

Bisola Edun said...

Thanks funmi for this wonderful discovery. I've spent the morning watching TED talks videos. Here's another one i found inspiring

Anonymous said...

OMG, u like Isabella Allende, she is good. Mmm-hmn

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned but I still believe a woman's place is behind (not beside)a man. I understand that women need to be strong and confident.I also know that in under developed countries, women are treated sometimes without basic human rights.However, having watched Isabella's video speech,absolute power in anybody's hands, whether male or female corrupts absolutely.The message should be that as human beings, we need to treat each other with decency and respect and NOT THAT,since men have made a mess of the world, women should take over.

Oladapo Ogundipe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
STAN said...

Yea funmi.people need to just understand that it isn't always about the money.do something you love, are passionate about and that meets a need.