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Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm back, nuff said. No noise, no fanfare, just a quiet statement of fact: I am back. I mean that in more ways than I can tell you. 2008 was a year of growth for me, she shook me and hurt me and hugged me all at the same time so much so that I did not know how to react. Even worse I did not want you seeing me in that state. The trouble with writing this darned blog is that I write it alone with myself and myself is oft brutally true to herself such that in an unstable state the stuff that comes out can be painful to read, injurious to my career and embarrassing to me post partum (yes writing this is like child delivery). I am also usually very embarrassed by the sheer self-indulgent and ego-massaging exercise it can all become whether the issues are personal, political, local or global, so l stopped.

I did not intend to come back, already devising a less intrusive form of expressing myself and communicating with the world outside of conventional media.
I was resolute until Wale Ajadi invited me on twitter and l realized how in stepping away from it all I might lose the bite.

So I am back but how will I handle those times when I am too angry or despaired about the state of affairs to be rational, funny or self-unaware? I will heed Thomas Aquinas Call

"Three Things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to
believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do".

Thus I am a happy, healthy, calm and aware me going into 2009. The projects are already lined up ready to IGNITE. It's going to be a fantastic year.


Nonesuch said...

welcome back. I'm glad that you are back and I pray that 2009 will be a better year for us all by His grace.

Nonesuch said...

welcome back. I'm glad that you are back and I pray that 2009 will be a better year for us all by His grace.

empower yourself said...

Compliments of the season. Last year was a great year. The challenges and accomplisment both contribute to the greatness. I am sure you are better person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Oluyemi Adeosun

StandTall-The Activist said...

It's good to see you back. We love as you are and you will always get back

Keep tell it as it is jare. No shaking (hope that's encouraging)

Freddie said...

Fancy coming across a blog being hosted by my favorite talk show hostess. You've been a great inspiration and I believe one should be entitled to his or her opinion... that's the essense of blogging. Being a public figure in your own case... you can't be too careful :). Anyways,so nice to be on to your blog... mind if I become a follower???... I presume you are back for good now... Amen. http://soulsearchpoetry.blogspot.com ... you're welcome anytime.

Lost at The End said...

Nice to have you back. Right when i thought i was going to go crazy from the increasingly unbearable funmi-iyanda-blog withdrawal symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! Happy New Year.

2008 hurt you and hugged you at the same time, 2009 will wow you and leave you speechless.

Looking forward to more engaging write ups from you.

Have a safe, healthy and successful 2009!


Woomie O! said...

Hi sis!!! Welcome back!!! It's good to have tou here so early in 2009.lol. Happy new year.
Din't worry about the blog..and us..it will flow.
However, we miss u...very much.

Anonymous said...

hello sweet,
it's good to have you back.i've been checking since the beginning of the year.
2009? Don't worry,you'll be overwhelmed with joy.

Maryanne said...

I really hope you dont stop writing, for some reason i seem to prefer your blog to your show because i am no longer in Nigeria, so you are my link to that "crazy" world of ours.
Please dont give up writing this blog, (censor your self if you have to)
But please dont stop. Your spirit is like a wild fire, igniting hope in the hearts of many...if you stop writing, our collective "enemies" of ignorance and elite self-absorption would win.
Ayubowan! From Srilanka

Iyaeto said...

Kaabo sori eto yi.May this New Year bring you loads of peace, love and happinness.. Yarinbo nko?

Aladin said...

dear Funmi,

stumbling into your blog has been a blessing!! I`ll go to the highest mountain and shout it out!
I am becoming addicted to this blog after only about an hour of going through your posts cos some of the things you are saying especially regarding the state of Nigerian Women is a matter close to my heart..
I know,but you got to keep talking and writting or your spirit wont rest..really,I know and I understand...keep your head up.