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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The only hope

My heart was felt with joy, like other soccer-loving Nigerians on Tuesday as the Dream Team IV beat the Belgians to qualify for the Olympics Soccer Final.
The “epic” final will takes place on Saturday, 23 August at 5.00am Nigerian time. My whole body is ready for the final; my generator is ready for the task. I cannot rely on NEPA or PHCN for the day. They are bound to disappoint me.

Moreover, the Saturday game made me to flash my mind back at the 1996 final where we met the same Argentina at the Sanford Stadium.

It is going to be a great day, because Dream Team is our only hope for medal at this Summer Olympics. Kudos to the Samson Siasia's boys


Anonymous said...

yay! you are back!!!

me too. im ready for this final, and u r right - they are our only hope - the 4x1 men relay team dropped the baton :(!!!

Femi B said...

I am awaiting the game too. Its only sad that a country with about 140 million people, we can't have more than one medal.... where have all our athletes gone. This time i blame middle class and upper class parents who chastise their kids when they venture into sports thereby killing the possibilities of any potential medalist. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Actually we won two bronze today in the women's 4X100 (although only because Jamaica dropped the baton) and long jump. Bigs ups to the naija female athletes.

kay-shawn said...

I really think it's a shame that Zimbabwe is ahead of Nigeria on the medals table.

Oracle said...

Well, itz not news that we lost the finals to Argentina.
I was so pissed off. I woke up by 3:00am had to see a movie, just to force myself to be awake.

I don't blame the boys though. I must confess that they did their best.
Argentina gave Brazil 3-0 and ours was just 1-0 that should tell you something.