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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yes it is my birthday today and thanks to Facebook and other social networking tools, l feel so loved this morning. Thank you all so much, eri mi wu o, gbogbo yin na le ma a r” alanu o. Ditto all the requests to please start blogging again, l am appalled at how many of you read this rubbish ramblings of a bipolar and how geographically, socio-economically and chronologically diverse y’all are. Don’t you people have anything better to do with your online time? No mind my waya mouth o, l am tickled pink, blue and orange. A daa fun yin jo, eyin alaye mi bambam! Blogger abeg translate.


Lost at the Other End of the World said...

Welcome back Funmi. My daily blogger-lust has not been the same without fiyanda.blogspot.com.

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Flowers and Poetry said...

Happy birthday! wish you the best.

P. M. Jay said...

Happy Birthday From Srilanka....
today is also my late mothers birthday...i've always found it intreasting that my mother and my mentor share the same birthday...
i wonder is you remember me?
But my memorable birthday was the one you spent with me on a quite oriental dinner in dantata and Sawoe lifecamp Abuja.
After my own 'life drama' i've uprooted myself and i'm now play acting single mother with my two lovely sons in the troubled shores of the tear-drop shaped Island on the Indian ocean...
Happy birthday...May the force be with you.
Maryanne Jayawardana

Anonymous said...

who sai? You can run but you cannot hide, i've been following you since your tempo days, when i was still in uni.I think i was blown away by the fresh perspective and someone who spoke my language. maybe it does not help that the article was about young girls in university and valentine gifts and stuffed roasted goats/rams. Remember? lol.

Sherri said...

Happy birthday babe!
emi asopo e
may ur life continue to be blessed and a blessing

kisses to the "shrimp"

Standtall said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR FUNMI AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!! Mine 3oth was last week Sunday and I am feeling younger.

I do hope u will use this hols to visit some of our blogs. We loe u and will like to read from u

Standtall said...

And again, we wil like if u reply our comments tooooooo. Much love

Naapali said...

Belated birthday wishes. It can not be easy being you, but you do it better than any one else and have one more year of experience. Hope the next year is more fulfilling and rewarding than the previous ones.

Uche said...

Finally!!! Phew!!! Actually reverse that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Wish u loads of blessings ahead from the Almighty!!! May your years ahead be filled with good drama!! Amen!

Now forward...Finally!!!!

Errrr u ask if we have nothing betta to do....i guess u have ur answer, cos i wouldn't be typing a response back!

Come o..i read and saw clips of the final show - New Dawn, and then i kept checking and u hadn't updated, i said 'Gosh..what if she decides to end her blog?' Oh my! Pls....u can't o! As 'bipolar-ish' and 'socially discombobulated' as u may think u sound, u actully inspire and spark great thoughts via ur blog.

In a nutshell...put ur first initial and the fist three letters of ur last name together and u get the answer..

U r on FIYA my dear, keep burning and don't let no system/person/haters/emotionalwuteva turn of that FIYA!!!


bukky said...

welcome back.happy birthday to you

Tunde on the road said...

Hapi bafday ! Abi wat wat more can i say cos i obviously cant give u anytin except maybe part of my 24hrs.And also welcome back 4rm COMA

Iyaeto said...

Waa pe laye!!Waa jere omo e!

Banjo omolara said...

I never knew i was hooked with you for almost ten year of my life until i stop reading current blog from your site, welcome big sista, PLEASE do not go anywhere again cos your are inspiration to millions of young women like me across the country. BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE!

Anonymous said...

A sodun modun o. Ajinde ara a maa je o.

Woomie O! said...

Auntie foomie...you finally remembered this blog???
I almost gave up on it..lol!
Happy birthday, us July babies are awesome!!!
I'm with my sister Standtall on this one, comment on our comments.

Be good and abound.

Nothing difficult is ever easy.

Sola Folowosele said...

If you confidently leave everything in God's Hand, you most definitely going to see God's hand in everything..happy birthday

Saymama said...

Funmi, *gasp*, your birthday's a day before mine! You're a fellow leo! Happy Birthday to us!
Choky Hugsxx

Check out my birthday entry when you get a min..


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Birthday mate!. When I saw the title of the blog, I so desperately hoped it will be on the 27th and...voila!. Glad to share the date with you.--oluleye Ajileye

Bella Naija said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hope you had a really great bday.
All the best!

cleo.kelvin said...

happy buffday go girl well on holiday so am back and checked u out tak care

atunnise said...

Happy B'dAY! Almost gave up checking back but thank God I didn't