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Friday, May 09, 2008

On our watch

On the comments page from the last post, Omohemi Benson asked a very important question, WHAT IS AFRICA GOING TO DO ABOUT MUGABE?

Beyond the yeepa (head/chest grabbing recoil) factor, I am hoping that a new generation of people who are from and live on the African continent (the discourse on what the word African means is one for another day, read Chris Abani's piece in the current edition of Farafina magazine edited by Chimamanda Adichie) might have an answer.The politicization of the issue of land reform to legitimize this sort of mass thievery and sheer inhumanity is a crime and we must not just stand by and watch. The tacit support and lukewarm resistance of certain African leaders is unacceptable and their people should soundly chastise them. Part of the resolution from the Southern African leaders' summit in Zambia should be a collective decision on the continued brutalization of the mandate and people of Zimbabwe.

Here is a call to action in an open letter from the 2007 Tutu Fellows that is worth signing up to.

On a pleasant note, Hopewell has been nominated for a CNN/Multichoice journalist of the year award. Excellent, mai broda! Charlie, (pronounced chaley) when you come to Accra we West Africans will show you real hospitality.


Nigerian Blogging Network said...

Anything Mugabe should be left for God. Because the guy done tire everybody.

omohemi Benson said...

I disagree with Nigerian Blogging,
we always outsource everything to God in this country.
thres a saying that"Evil progresses when good men do nothing"
we'll having to keeping talking,writing, fighting,shouting and crying till he is dead or at least let his people be and go into exile or something.

Thats why things don't work here, because we keep waiting for the messiah to come down and fix, when we have already been given the power.