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Monday, April 21, 2008

Week starter

Hello People!
How was your weekend? It wasn't okay at my own end here, because NEPA or PHCN never allow the electricity to last for even 2 hours. It was a season of "flashing" 4 hours in between; so also the Lagos traffic this morning was hectic as usual and the transport fare was increased by 30%. Don't really know when our Lagos will be free of traffic jam. Please share your experience here about the traffic situation/experience on your route.

These news stories might interest you.
A pregnant Spanish defence minister, Carme Chacon visits Afghanistan unannounced. According to reports the minister has no military background. She must be very brave woman to visit her country’s soldiers in Afghanistan.

An Ex-California Mayor and wife (Jim Nehmens and Kelly Nehmens) were sentenced to 6 months in jail for the theft of more than $20,000 from Little League coffers. The couples pleaded quilt for the offence. In Nigeria, our politicians run away in order to avoid been interrogated by the anti-graft agencies.

FI will back with you later this week

Have a great week ahead!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is it only women that are being caught by the investigators? Are women in high positions seen as easy prey compared to men in high positions? Discuss...

Charizard said...

Ano..mayn I dunno o...well if you lay your facts down..maybe there will be something to be able to discuss...

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Gosh who steals from the little league?!

Anonymous said...

Nigerian NEPA & traffic jam, i dey hail o. E don better.


Hope FI's trip is going well?We all miss you o.
Bob Dee

Anu said...

Love your blog.

I love the pregnant defence minister showing up to a war zone. Femininity is not restrictive, and she certainly speaks to that.

30% increase in transport fare? Wow, Fasola has a lot to do for us.

Whole Truths said...

WTF!Where have ya'll been! The traffic's been hellish for the last 3yrs! Thanks to Toyota and what's that South Korean car company called? Wealthy families put at least 4 cars on the road everyday! 'Car pooling' people!
The traffic in Nigeria has defied all remedy! It's because it is caused by 'EVIL SPIRITS"!!

Anonymous said...

I Know...I am absolutely chuffed by this. I am a Nigerian living in Spain and this is even more emotional and remarkable because she is from Cataluña. The Catalans suffered a lot during the civil war and all through Franco's era which ended around 1975.
The Spanish people have a general mistrust of them, simply because most Catalans do not 'feel' or consider themselves Spanish, and also because most speak and clamour for the use of Catalan in Catalonia.

For example in Barcelona or any other Catalan city/town, none of public schools offer classes in Spanish - all classes are in Catalan, which is a hybrid language (not a dialect - officially recognised by the EU as a European language) with Spanish, French and Portuguese roots, although the finished product sounds nothign like any of these language.

For a Nigerian comparison - An Igbo minister of Defense right after the Biafra War.

She had to say 'Viva España', 'Viva El Rey' - for a catalan person to say this is incredible.

Fausset said...

itotally agree with this, traffic and then power failure. I dont know whatelse the government can do in this situations... TRAFFIC: creation of brigdes, metrorails, subways, making the roads widers.
NEPA: I thought NEPA was no longer controlled under the government? If thats so,then what are private institutions doing, why cant nigeria have constant electricity....

Anonymous said...

Funmi where art thou already!

Anonymous said...

**In Nigeria, our politicians run away in order to avoid been interrogated by the anti-graft agencies.** thats just too funny!! i cant't WAIT to see how that one will end.